Welcome to Brand Expectations.

Brand Expectations is here for you, the the Solopreneur, to give advice, consult and ultimately teach you how to effectively create a visual brand for your company.

Plain & simple, I want to help Soloprenuers (and Small Businesses) by giving advice, consulting & ultimately helping you build your visual brand.

If you are starting from scratch or just wanting to refine your current marketing, Brand Expectations can help you elevate your brand through blog posts, tutorials, courses and one on one consulting.

I want you to stand out & kick ass WITH confidence.  You may not have majored in Design but I did and I can help you.

Why the name Brand Expectations?

I created Brand Expectations as a kind of play on words if you will.  The book Great Expectations depicts the personal growth & development of an orphan.. While although, not parentless, our Brands deserve Growth, Attention & Development from us.  We want them to stand out. We want them to speak for themselves and we ultimately want them to succeed.  So Brand Expectations was born.