My round up of Blogs I use for Tips, Tricks & Helpful Hints.

Are  you a blogger that is always looking to improve some aspect of your site?  It is so easy to get lost in the digital shuffle.  If you are like me, you start out looking for something specific within Pinterest & three hours later, I’m shaking out my feet because they have fallen asleep as I have created 3 new secret boards & vowed I will follow up with the pins tomorrow.

Fact is, a lot of this is just noise (shh.. I also post to all of my social media all the time). So where do you look? Who do you listen to?

The following is a round of up my favourite sites, that I like to go to for infomation & resource goodness.  What I like about them is that each and every one has a distinct voice & even though a lot of them essentially cover the same topics (even things I talk about), I get at least one take away each time I read them.

I hope they bring you informative goodness like they have for me.


1: By Regina


I think I came across her site on Pinterest (common theme throughout this post). This is by far the most informative blog I have come across. She gives out an enormous amount of information within every post, newsletter & download. What I appreciate is that she has products for every price point & at every step of your process.


2: XO Sarah


This is the most recent site I have come across.  I appreciate the clean design  & it is easy to navigate through. Some sites have such an abundance of information that it is difficult to decide where to start.  I also appreciate that she is not speaking to the first time blogger but someone that has been blogging for some time & needs to fine tune their approach.


3: Buttercup Ink


This is an Australian Designer / Blogger who I found on Pinterest.  She is the first blogger I really followed & who’s mentoring services I used.  I liked her approach because she is a designer speaking to creative types. So while she doesn’t directly speak to improving your blog, I learned a lot of things to help hone my freelance business. I couldn’t leave her off the list as she has indeed been influential on me.



4: Design Your Own Blog


This is a blog that I found on Twitter.  (such a departure! I must have been sick that day). However, like Regina, there is an abundance of information for all stages of the blogging process. Additionally, they run a facebook group for their members with different theme days so you can post questions, find co authors, promote a blog post of your own!  It is a great way to feel virtually supported all the while learning to improve your own site.



5: The Branded Solopreneur


This is a saucy California chick that speaks with a very defined voice.  She never has never shied away from her personality nor claims to know everything. She has built a focus as of late with guest speakers/bloggers that are experts on that very topic.  She sends a weekly newsletter as well as plenty of downloadable content to help you with your brand + blog.  I would suggest that this is probably the best place to go if you are starting out.



6: Melanie Duncan


I found Melanie Duncan through a search.  Her site is quite polished & speaks to the professional woman. Rather then focus on the blog, she speaks to the entrepreneur.   What I like about her is just that.  I think we all need a boost in our business practices & coaching in all aspects of being a solopreneur.


7: Secret Blogger’s Business


This is another Aussie whom I found through Buttercup Ink.  She is the owner of SSB which is her 2nd successful blog to date.  She sends out weekly tips & most of her content comes in the form of videos so while you are working away, you can listen to her give you tips, tricks + inspiration.




That is my round up of what I consider the best blogs out there to assist you in your own website success be it a blog, website, business.  I could have searched out another 3 sites and rounded it up to the top 10 but I didn’t want to come across as insincere.  I wanted to post sites that I personally read & have attained useful information from.  I hope they bring you needed insight as well



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