Whether you are launching your awesome talents to the world or doing a makeover on your business to be more aligned with where you are heading, you want to step out looking effortlessly polished and with the confidence to play big.

As when you feel confident and focused on what you have to offer, your customers will feel this too.

However, great design is often viewed as a luxury.  I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Professional design should be available to EVERYONE, regardless of business experience or budget.  Often times is knowing where to look & what to ask for.

I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create unique branding and graphics to help them take fast action on their ideas and grow their business.  Being an online studio, I get to work with clients across the globe from right here in my home studio in Vancouver. One thing is certain.. you need to know who you are before you can tell others what your brand is.

Brands are more then a logo. They are a culture, they are a customer experience and they are a how you deliver your work. Tag lines are created to help emote these very actions.  So, to ensure success and when you are developing your brand, ask yourself some of these questions: (some are basic & obvious) but they are a sampling of the design brief I create for clients.

  1. What is your business name? (this may be a part of the process so if unknown, pass this & delve into the other questions)
  2. What industry are you in?
  3. What services / products do you provide?
  4. What are your style preferences? (you need to think of this as a spectrum..ie: serious vs whimsical; complex vs simple; corporate vs boutique; classic vs contemporary; economic vs luxury; feminine vs masculine. This is where you really narrow down who your target market is.
  5. Where will your brand be used?
  6. What characteristics do you see in your brand?
  7. What colours do you associate yourself with your brand?
  8. What differentiates you from your competitors? What is your key differentiator?
  9. Do you have a purpose or vision statement? what is it? Your vision statement should be something that you can sum up in 1 sentence.
  10. What is your budget?

The last 2 questions are the most important. We all want good value but the fact is, creating a luxury brand on a shoestring budget is very difficult. It will take a lot of man hours and initiative and if you don’t know who you are, or how to communicate that, how can you design anything for your brand?  Knowing your budget also helps set out where your priorities lie & in what order you will produce your items. Speaking to the designer about these things will help them speak to you about what services they will offer in what time frame.


So what about you? what is your vision statement? Is there a differentiating factor about your product/service or perhaps your work culture makes you stand out.. would love to hear about it