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As some of you may know, I’ve recently made a big move… I have moved in with… ‘the boyfriend’ (this is where you ooooh and aaaaah).  Rather then move into a new place for both of us, I moved into his place as I rented and he owns.  It is a beautiful place but in order to make it also my home, I need to put my indelible mark on the abode.

That means.. pillows, re arranging and …. colour! or more like just some touches of colour.

White is one of my most favourite colour paletes.  I love the clean pristine look it emotes, as well, it works as a fantastic contrast as either a base or an accent.  I dig a room that has bold white and then uses a plant for an accent or wood beams across a ceiling.  Even in graphic design, I really appreciate a design that uses a lot of white space (which actually has a whole different meaning in that context…. for another day!).

White is a great place to start with colour theory mainly because in theory, white is the absence of colour.  However when it comes to home decor or design, it isn’t that simple.   There are just so many versions of white!  Pure white, off white, egg shell white… just to name a few.

These whites have hues inserted the base paint to tint the shade.  So no, they are never actually white but named as such and we take them to work that way however.

Yellows are inserted to give warm hues, or blue/greens for cool. Then there is a little bit of gray to give a dirtier feel. It all depends what you want the accent to be, all depends the end use and it all depends the effect you are wishing to have.

The same can occur in card stock. When you print your business cards, the paper you choose can effect the end result. There are many paper types (matte or coated), colours (pure white or off white) and finishes (gloss or UV coating) that ultimately make or break your final result.  Working with a designer can help you make the best choices for you & your brand. They know the talk & know how to work with a printer to ultimately produce the best results for you.

For further advice, contact me to get an opinion on your branding project.

I hope you enjoy a little white inspiration below.



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