If you are like me, finding anything of quality for free is such a HUGE score.  While premium fonts can be pricey, there are plenty of sites out there that allow you to download for free or by suggested donation.

So don’t feel your logo, or materials need to be stuck with the standard Arial or Times New Roman (however, I do tend to use the latter in combinations with various sans serif fonts).  There are literally 1000’s of fonts out there (crazy isn’t it?) and there can be crossover between the sites but like anything, when you find somewhere to source your goodies, then you keep going back!

Here are a few of my top sites I use to source a variety of type forms.

(please click through on the titles to explore further on your own!)


1001 Fonts

As the title states… 1001 fonts.. and yes, they are for FREE.  A great feature to the site is at the top of the screen allows you to type your word or phrase and then all of the fonts you are searching appear with that verbage. The quick compare & contrast is a biggie for me.


Da  Font

This was the first site I would source fonts at from back in the day when I worked at Future Shop (gah, that is 12 years ago now!!).  I have sourced this site for many sans serif fonts and scripts.


Font Squirrel

While the former 2 sites showcase totally free fonts, this site also sells some new and exciting typefaces.  One great feature this site boasts is that it can identify a font for you.  You just need to upload an image, and it will identify what it is for you in the matter of seconds!  This works well when I’m trying to recreate a logo or an item for a client & then have only supplied a jpg or a pdf set to outlines.


Creative Bloq

While this is not as much a place to source as it is a place to get inspired, it is fantastic in learning what is hot & now.  I’m so tired of looking around & seeing every wedding related business using ‘scriptina’ in their logo.



So there you have it. The top 4 places I use for type inspiration.  Now, it is a matter of using them in new & creative ways!